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C is now tapping her hand when she hears music and E puts smiles on faces everywhere (the grocery store, bank, etc.) with her singing.  At home, E is conducting classes, making up her own songs, and absorbing songs from old musicals,  the radio,  commercials, etc.  She will often choose to speak to us in song or tell a story via song.  And C thinks this is all quite fun- and we love it!  Thank you!!!


...thank you for a wonderful experience this fall. I feel like both R and I have grown musically- I feel more comfortable singing in a group, and although R was the youngest kid in our class and spent much of the time sucking on maracas, I feel like I saw a huge change in her over the ten weeks. She loves it when I sing the songs at home, one of her favorite toys is her egg shaker, and it is priceless to watch her face light up at the start of music class each week...I look forward to Tuesdays- it is nice to get out of the house and interact with you and other mothers in such a welcoming environment, and I hope you know how much I appreciate your energy and enthusiasm. You are so great with the kids and truly talented at what you do!


Just a quick note to let you know how much we are already missing you and our Music Together® class. B has taken to immediately saying, "dat, dat" and pointing towards the dashboard the moment we get in the car, I finally realized he's wanting us to turn on the Music Together CD! ...He is so familiar with the Beehive song he now anticipates the ending and starts making his sweet little bee sounds and hand gestures - and just today I watched as he moved his arms to the Marching song in a way quite reminiscent of the movements in the class.... I just want to reiterate how important you and the good work you do are to our little boy - and therefore to us.


He asked to go to music class when he woke up on Monday morning. He loves that class. We have been dancing away at our house. And, if he is in his playroom alone, I can often hear him singing. He also likes to request that I sing certain songs...